Wealth Planners

Succession Group has grown through inviting some of the best Wealth Management firms and their planners to share in the building and ownership of a national business that retains its local and regional identity.

In just 6 years it has become the 2nd largest national Wealth Management Business and is equipped to provide an exciting, stimulating, supported, secure and rewarding environment for like-minded Wealth management professionals.

Most importantly, Succession’s independence, client service standards and depth of planner support provide the right environment for professionals who wish to work with their valued clients for years to come.

Our proposition, service standards and culture will appeal to those who;

*Succession is built on continuity of client care and is suited to planners who wish to continue working with their clients. Each planner has their own time horizon to eventual retirement and “succession” is carefully planned to ensure client service standards continuity. We will discuss how we can support your plans for your future, growth, development and eventual retirement in detail.

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