Company & Values

Succession Group delivers rich and rewarding experiences for private and corporate clients, with tailored Wealth Planning solutions to achieve your financial goals and expectations throughout each stage of your life.

At Succession we have three core values:

Succession Group shares a powerful and privileged connection with more than 17,000 clients who have chosen to engage with our award winning services, and benefit from our innovative solutions. Over £10.5bn is entrusted to our specialist Wealth Planners and Advisers. Key to this are the principles of value, trust and excellence.

We are the fastest growing Wealth Planning brand in the UK, with 20 offices and more than 200 staff nationwide. We are also the only Wealth Planning business to control and own all of the services and solutions that are essential to deliver a true end-to-end wealth planning solution designed to help you achieve your lifetime financial goals.

Our three distinct and complementary advice services are the key to helping you unlock your potential wealth and to secure a better financial future:

James Stevenson

James Stevenson
Managing Director